How to Keep a Girlfriend Once You Have One

A lot of guys find it hard to get a girlfriend. It could be because their expectations from a girl are too high or they do not know the right way to get a girlfriend. However, the story doesn’t end with finding a girlfriend. You will also have to try your best to keep your girlfriend. Otherwise, you will just be moving to one girl after another and wasting your time.
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Once you are able to get a girlfriend, you will need to spend time with her. You might realize that she is the best thing that ever happened to you. Thus, you want to keep her for the rest of your life – from girlfriend to fiancée to wife.

How do you keep this girl until the day you marry her? You might say – you just rush her and marry her the next day. But let us face reality. It may take time for the marriage to come. So, your dilemma is how to keep her.

Maintain your qualities
The foremost way to keep her is to maintain your qualities that attracted her. Did she fancy you because you are good at conversation? Was she attracted to you because of your personality? You have to keep up what she first found impressive in you. As much as possible, be better in these aspects. As you go along in the relationship, you will discover the things she hates in a man and if you are at times inclined to be such guy, try to change yourself.

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Be romantic
Most of the times, keeping a girlfriend is even more difficult than finding one. So, endeavour to be sweet. Women love thoughtful and romantic men. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers even if there is no occasion, but do not forget to bestow the same attention in special events in her life. Body language factor is also important – hold her hand, hug her and do some trivial things to show the thoughtfulness and sweetness in you.

Do not Change your ways
There are times that your opinions will clash. Do not be stubborn, you can compromise. Learn to support her decisions and be happy with her achievements. But most of all remain the way you were when she fell in love with you. Just be yourself and act very naturally. Keep the qualities she admired in you and make yourself the perfect guy by avoiding doing things that can displease her. Make her the real “apple of your eyes”.

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