Is it better to have a healthy physic or have a good personality if you want a girlfriend?

A man who is not an expert on women cannot understand what matters the most to women. You may wonder if it is the looks or the personality of a guy that appeals to a woman more. You always hear good comments and praises of women for a healthy physic and looking man, so you are made to believe looks and a beautiful face are the main criteria for having a girlfriend. However, have you not wondered why many other men out there have girlfriends even when they are not really good looking? Indeed, you Read more [...]

Are looks important if you want a girlfriend?

When you fall in love with a lady and you do not know if she will reciprocate the feelings, you are left in a quandary if you will measure up to her expectations. You are just an ordinary guy with an ordinary masculine face. This has made you postpone your move to approach the girl. And you had to research and find out if looks is the only basis for a woman to fall in love with a guy? And what did your research find? Although looks may attract girls, this is not the only gauge of the attractiveness Read more [...]

Making your love life more interesting and romantic

Often when a relationship has gone beyond the first few years of excitement and romance, you start to realize that the spark of the intimacy is missing. This is when you need to bring back the magic of love and spice up your relationship. There are certain ways in which you can easily bring some of the romance back and give a tender turn to your life. Give some thought to your appearance It has often been noticed that couples who have been through a long term relationship often don’t bother Read more [...]

Identifying the girls you should never date

There are plenty of women out there but you should be on your guard when you are looking for a girlfriend. There are some women whom you should avoid dating as they can play havoc with your life or put you in a position where you are not an independent man anymore. Rich glittery girls While these types of women attract the most attention, they are definitely not made for you if you are not a man of means. Their expensive nature makes them a very costly proposition for men. She will throw you in Read more [...]

How to Find the Girl of your Dreams

Every person aspires to hold that moment close to their heart when they met their true love. It feels great to be in love and to be loved dearly. There is no warmer sensation than love and if you can have the luck of spending your life with your true love, nothing can be greater compared to that. If you have not been in love yet, you will be soon. You never know but there might be someone somewhere lurking in the corner waiting for you to just turn and look and BAM! The magic spell has been cast Read more [...]

Except your Girlfriend for What she is

Often men complain that their girlfriends are too demanding, over romantic, r too smart or just too busy. Remember that love is all about sacrifices. The true test of love is to be able to give up what you love best for the sake of her. There are several ways in which you can make the best out of unforeseen and unwanted circumstances. Accept her for what she is because you love her Even if she cannot take time out for you on Saturdays, don’t get upset or feel ignored. She must have a genuine Read more [...]

Understanding the Power of Attraction and Get a Girl Attracted to you

What power do you have to attract a girl? Surely you want to know how to make a girl like you as this is the initial process to get a girlfriend. You must have tried some ways to attract girls. Did you succeed or did you fail? Well, if you did not emerge triumphant, then you need to look at some tips on how to make a girl like you. There is always a possibility that you can make a girl be attracted to you. I believe that every guy has the power to do so. It is just that you seem to overlook the Read more [...]

Basic Girlfriend Techniques

There is no standard way of getting a girlfriend. Different techniques are used by different men in this regard. There are guys who try to fake their personal qualities if they know that a certain girl wants to see these attributes in their boyfriends. But posing as a different persona can be dangerous. You cannot act every time you are with a girl. There is a big possibility that your natural self will ultimately surface when you are spending time with a girl. So – it is not a good style. Be Read more [...]

Best way to Engage a Girl in Conversation

Conversations are supposed to be interesting when you are involved in one to establish a relationship with a girl. However, with the same topics and introductory statements, conversation can be monotonous. Bear in mind that girls hate repeated statements. And people who practice the repetitious conversations are not really knowledgeable on how to talk to a girl. Now, if you want to stand out and make the girl attentive to what you are saying, try to avoid your memorized lines. Make your introductory Read more [...]

How to Imrove your chances with Females

No one can ever live without having someone special in their lives. That is directly in line with the popular phrase, “no one is an island.” This is true nowadays especially with the complexities that everyone is facing. Well, this is surely the reason behind men’s act of looking for tips on how to get a girlfriend. Some men might say that it is easier to stare at a girl than to talk to her. Others would say the exact opposite and suggest that it is more comfortable to start a conversation Read more [...]